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Scorecard Ad Sponsorship Program

We'll Do Everything But Fill In The Scores

Get FREE scorecards for your course (yes, FREE!) when you sign up for BURCO’s popular Ad Sponsorship Program. BURCO’s sales team partners with local businesses to advertise on scorecards, which covers all the printing and shipping costs. It’s that easy! You’ll get eye-catching scorecards that golfers hold on to, even beyond their round.

Local businesses want to participate in our Ad Sponsorship Program. The average golf course turns 20,000 rounds of golf per year. The average golfer looks at a scorecard twenty times during a round of golf. That’s 400,000 views per ad! Plus, the cost of an ad averages only $1 per day. BURCO’s simple Ad Sponsorship Program includes innovative scorecard design, fast turnaround and easy payment options for advertisers.

A Great Partner...Every Round

“We have used BURCO for over 10 years to promote our Hole Signs and Scorecards at Pinecrest, Sand Creek, and Sage Lakes. We are extremely pleased with our partnership with this company in meeting our ever-changing needs in a timely and accurate fashion. Our sales representative does a great job and represents our golf program in the most professional way. We truly appreciate his high ethics and the manner he takes care of our sponsors.” Tim Reinke, PGA Professional City of Idaho Falls Director of Golf

Pair Up With BURCO

“As a small business owner I look for creative, affordable and effective advertising opportunities. The advertising on Great Life Golf and Fitness golf scorecards provides us with the opportunity to have our advertising literally in the hands of potential new customers for 2-4 hours or longer if they keep the card for bragging rights. I could never achieve that with direct mail or similar print advertising. The BURCO team is professional, effective and easy to work with. This is simply the most affordable and effective advertising I purchase.” Sheila Wolf, Gray Wolf Plumbing, LLC Auburn, KS

Scorecards & Tee Signs


BURCO has printed millions of golf scorecards in every imaginable style. Our design team can replicate your design or customize your scorecard and ads to your exact specifications. Our creative solutions will make your scorecard as unique as your course; pencil slits, die cuts, rounded corners, reverse folds, tri-folds, straight folds and more.

Scorecards are produced in our state-of-the-art facility, giving you high quality, low price and quick turnaround.

Tee Signs

BURCO has been producing tee signs for over 20 years. We offer multiple styles and sizes. These long-lasting signs crafted from various materials, are able to withstand whatever Mother Nature can throw at them and have easy maintenance. Your golfers will appreciate the full pictorial view of the hole as well as par, yardage and handicap information.

You always get what you want, when you want it.

BURCO Knows Golf

For over 40 years

We’ve been a leader in golf promotion, supporting courses across the country with great marketing and unique solutions. With a focus on personal attention, we continue to grow along with our clients, expanding our product line to meet their changing business needs. As a proud supporter of the PGA and NGF, we fulfill the printing needs for municipal courses, private clubs, military and government courses, as well as parks, recreation facilities and universities.

BURCO provides a full line of printed materials to enhance your course’s image:

Scorecards • Rack Cards • Tee Signs • Brochures • Yardage Cards and Books • Business Cards

Advertise Simply

In no time we'll take your ad from a thought to a return

Ad Design
Step 1: Ad Design

Whether you have an existing ad or need a custom design, our in-house graphic designers will help you transform a good idea into a great promotional piece for your business

Step 2: Proofs

Upon completion of the ad, our customer service department provides you with a proof and the opportunity to request artwork changes

Step 3: Advertise!

After final approval from all ad sponsors, the end user (golf course, campground, hotel, etc.) also reviews the final product for ultimate approval and production can begin

Golfer Profile: Target the Aces

Male 90.3%
Female 9.7%
Married 84.8%
Median Age 57.8
Median HHI (Projected) $250,000
Average HHI $347,385
Median Net Worth (Projected) $1,600,000
Average Net Worth $3,104,867
Graduated College + 79.1%
Post-Graduate Study 47.5%
Own Primary Residence 93.1%
Numbers of Cars Owned 2.44
Average Number of Nights Dining Out/Month 6.75
Purchases In The Last Month:
Flat Screen TV/Home Entertainment System 60.9%
Desktop Computer 27.9%
Laptop Computer 47.7%
Digital Camera 47.1%
Smart Phone 37.3%
Men's Watch 20.8%
New Kitchen Appliances 33.7%
Furniture 40.5%
Average Rounds Of Golf In The Last 12 Months 52.5
Average USGA Handicap 13.6
Number Of Years Playing Golf 21.1
Number Of Golfers In Household 1.86
Handicap Indices:
0 Or Under 1.1%
0.1 - 5.0 8.2%
5.1 - 10.0 22.8%
10.1 - 15.0 28.9%
15.1-20.0 22.7%
20.1-30.0 13.0%
More Than 30 1.9%
Belong To A Private Club 63.7%
Average Initiation Fee Per Club* $58,668
Average Annual Dues Per Club With Assessments* $12,363
Public Course Players 36.3%
Own A Second Home In A Golf Community 18.7%
Job titles
CEO 3.3%
President 6.2%
Vice-President 7.1%
CFO 1.1%
Small Business Owner 9.0%
Partner 4.8%
Attorney 4.1%
General Manager 4.2%
Doctor/Health Care Administrator 4.2%
Consultant 4.5%
Salesperson 5.4%
Retired 27.8%
Other 18.3%

BURCO'S Additional Advertising Programs

Keycard Holder Ad Program

We provide complimentary keycard holders to major hotels and motels throughout North America. Promote your business to eager, receptive visitors, and be a reliable source of places to eat and things to do.

Campground Site Map Ad Program

Market your business to visiting couples, families and groups on a colorful site map. As campers explore the local area using the free map as a guide, they’ll easily recognize and visit your business.

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